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2/24/17 - Former - Senior YouTube/Music Analyst (Full time) - ₦50,001 - ₦100,000

I was part of the pioneer members of the company and fortunate enough to see the growth of the company. There was lots of promises for growth of employees and reward for hard work, but it wasn't the case as the boss of the company began to treat employees as slave (Feudalism). It feels like prison in there and you must hate who he hates, otherwise you lose your job. iROKO has no regard for Nigerian Certificates and those that knows the Naija entertainment business, but values those from overseas that will end up learning from the Nigerians only to be their bosses afterwards. You don't get to speak your honest opinion about the bad practices of the company without the fear of losing your job. While I was there, the boss uses the F and N words for employees most of the time without remorse.

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2/22/17 - Current - Marketing (Full time) - ₦150,001 - ₦200,000

Taught me everything I know today

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2/22/17 - Current - Operations (Full time) - ₦100,001 - ₦150,000

Mostly shitty.

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