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5/28/17 - Former - Scream Absorber (Full time) - ₦50,001 - ₦100,000

Great place! If you fancy working for a potty-mouthed narcissist with an ego the size of a mid-level asteroid, and his passive-aggressive sidekick. Fantastic place if you don't mind constant screaming, belittlement, abusive behaviour, and a salary that might get you to the next payday if you trek to work and drink water instead of eating lunch.

Are you a better coder than the whole Andela cohort? A kickass graphic designer? A Pixar-level animator? Do you effortlessly build with PHP, Ruby-on-Rails,Python, C++, Java, heck even HTML5 while we're at it? Then don't miss this fantastic opportunity to put your skills to work in a dingy, hot office with a dodgy smell for N75,000 a month, with a stuttering Sideshow Bob yelling at you the whole time, telling you that you are so dumb that he is surprised you can walk on two feet without tripping up! This is the complete package you have been waiting for! It comes with:

- Colleagues who look like they get high every night and weekend to deal with working here
- Fantastic salary package that starts from N40,000 and can go as high as........N100,000 (at management level)! WOW!
- A boss with an ego so huge, it actually has its own gravitational field
- Passive-aggressive sidekick co-founder who occasionally tries his hand at playing the big man to hilarious effect.
- Inexperienced, newly-graduated colleagues who spend all day chuckling loudly at unfunny KraksTV videos and viral tweets.
- A smelly, poorly ventilated back office on Admiralty Way that looks like it was designed by Jozef Fritzl.

Remember, you will never get a better opportunity to work for a big-mouthed man-child who will never have a good word to say about you or your work, and will insult your ancestors into the bargain! Performance Driven!

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