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2/24/17 - Former - Business Development (Internship) - ₦50,001 - ₦100,000

You learn a whole lot. Sales, customer service, marketing, business development etc. The boss is very passionate about startups and also a very very nice person. Pay is just ok, can be better. If you intend to start your own company or you are just starting out as a professional, I can't think of a better place to work.

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2/23/17 - Former - operations manager (Internship) - ₦20,000 - ₦50,000

Well, different folks for different folks. I got the internship for a particular post and ended up doing something different, but all good. I learnt so much, was challenged, pushed, frustrated, with even problematic colleagues. The boss was good at encouraging and giving out tasks which I find really cool. Its a good place if for the purpose of experience, but if for pay or salary, try the next company. But I bet you, you will learn so much. Its a place for starters with opened minds. I really learnt so much.

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2/23/17 - Current - Quality Control Personnel (Internship) - ₦20,000 - ₦50,000

it has no good or standing structure, the salary is too low, and after the initial contract, the renewal is slow and discouraging.

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