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2/23/17 - Former - Administrative Intern (Internship) - ₦20,000 - ₦50,000

It was a tale of "packaging is major-key". The employer, a lady, conducted the interview at a Chinese Restaurant. I first thought this was strange because the company was into etiquette & personal/image branding, and we aren't being interviewed at a proper office building but at a restaurant?
Moving on.
We finished the interview, which was conducted single-handedly by a young lady (who we later got to know was the only employee of the company and was also a student doing her I.T there) and then fast-forward few days later, I and the other 2-3 successful candidates were called to resume. The office was in the employer's house; she converted a room downstairs into her office space and we were 4 interns in that small room (albeit there was A.C and a small restroom close by).
There was no clear-cut defined job description from this lady while she addressed us, and she said she'll think about increasing the N25,000 "standard intern salary" she previously paid interns. Long story short, we (just the 4 of us in that tiny room called an office) were paid N40,000 and worked the jobs of 10 men. The employer said we must resume before 8:30 am and close by 5:00 pm (even after we begged that our homes were too far from the office in Lekki Phase II) and the worst of it all was that she was rarely in the office. Aunty would just stay upstairs in her room, only to come downstairs to the office around few minutes to 5 pm, she will now start giving us tasks & making corrections of previous tasks that would now take 40mins to over an hour to complete. It was just slavery. I quit after the first pay, then she said she was going to jail me for not giving her prior notice that I wanted to resign, whereas we didn't even sign any contract or letter of appointment o!
Bottomline is the woman was running her "company" like a pure-water business and was so unprofessional. Never work here, as an intern or anything else.

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