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2/25/17 - Former - Sales (Full time) - ₦50,001 - ₦100,000

It has been a great opportunity.

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2/25/17 - Current - Logistics Officer (Full time) - ₦100,001 - ₦150,000

This is such a useless company to work for. The Human resource is a mess and more or less non existent. The bosses especially the Indians so anything they want to the staff and
It is not advisable to be a Young person and start your career in Dangote. Because you will be embedded in mediocrity, below average business processes.
If you work many years in Dangote, you might get another employment because of the company name but you will be totally unemployable as you would have learnt nothing new with no competitive advantage compared to other companies.
A young person just starting out their career should not work here or else you jeopardize your opportunities for real growth and development.
A lot of people won't listen because they picture the company as run by the richest man in Africa. But
Until the rat eats pepper in the kitchen, it will not believe that everything in the kitchen isn't fish or meat.

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